Cleaning out your closet, streamlining it and only keeping what you actually wear. By this way, you can cut your time in the morning when you get ready and you also seem to reduce the clutter. But, an extra benefit you can get is, all the stuff that you want to get rid of can actually sell and make you a little extra cash on the side, which you can further reinvest on your wardrobe. It is actually a win-win scenario. Moreover, business of resale clothing has grown to $16 billion industry. 

As compared to sell electronic items, clothes have a relatively less resale value. But, still you can manage to make some good cash if you have your own clothes and items.  First of all, you need to pick where you want to sell. Now, there are a lot of platforms out there online which all are really good. So, in this article, you will get to know the right platforms to successfully sell your clothes online.


Poshmark is the highly recommended online marketplace for couple of different reasons. One, it’s very simple to do. It’s probably the easiest one to start selling with. All you need to do is download the app, fill in the required information, or you can log in with Facebook. After you are done with it, you can then start selling your clothes. The second thing is, they are more focused on clothing, so everything on Poshmark is clothing, accessories like watches, sunglasses and shoes. You can also sell stuff like book and bags. This selling platform makes easier to post items, which makes it the most popular platform to sell your clothes.


It’s an online consignment store that sells gently used clothing items. They sell stuff like shoes and accessories for women as well as children. thredUP is a good option for busy parents. It initially served only for kids clothing. Since, kids outgrow their clothes very quickly, but they expanded their business for women as well. With thredUP, all you have to do is put your gently used clothes in a shipping bag and mail to them. Their team will do sorting and label a price tag to your items. Anything which does not look suitable, would donate to the charity. It delivers 80% of the resale profit. And, if you feel like getting the items back then you need to pay $12.99 fee for the return to happen.


It allows you sell directly from your wardrobe. You can choose the clothes and take photos of them. And, you can leave all on them from shipping to handling all the chaotic business of returns. Tradesy also proposes the price of clothing items and allows you to place it as well. They also claim to provide 15% more sale price than other platforms. Tradesy only keeps 9% commission fee, whereas you keep the remaining. Thus, it allows you keep more money in your pocket than others. Yet, this platform seems to go well with designer and expensive clothes, instead of affordable ones.


Most of the people overlook the crucial thing, and that is to take good pictures. Keep in mind that your goal is to de-clutter your closet so get rid of that as soon as possible and make some extra cash, which is an added bonus. Therefore, with good photos of your clothes, you can sell your items quickly. You need to have a good phone or camera for this purpose. It is recommended to go outside or take pictures under natural light. That way, you can take some quality pictures. However, all of these apps provide in-built filters to turn your normal image into beauty.